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What Happened at the Military Court 2011/10/4

On 4 October, at around 10 am Egypt time, at the military court, at [sīn] 28, the Tenth Neighborhood (El-Hay El-Asher), Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. We called for the demonstration in solidarity with Maikel Nabil Sanad of the appeal session.
Maikel was secretly sentenced to 3 years in prison on 10th of April in a mock trial.
It was likely that military court would be allowing Maikel to be set free for health reasons because Maikel started an open hunger strike since 23 August.
Maikel started the hunger strike because he objects the injustice he was subjected to. Many people, journalists, activists and even judges were militarily summoned for less or more charges, however, none of anyone who was ever tried on an opinion served any prison sentence.
The military court and the military council know that Maikel started an open hunger strike, they also know that he doesn't plan to end it. Either he dies or to be set free.
Around 100 came and demonstrated that day. (It was not the first demonstration we organized for Maikel)
Demonstrators were chanting anti-military rule slogans, 3 journalists were arrested, from AlJazeera English, Press TV and Christian Science Monitor. Their cameras were confiscated. The later was forced to remove all the pictures she took for the demonstration to take back her camera. All demonstrators who were filming or photographing had their mobile phones or cameras confiscated. Obviously the military council is trying as much as possible to make a blackout on Maikel's case.
The military court adjourned the appeal for a the vaguest excuse! That a file for his case was missing. The file missing was at the floor above them and the slightest effort could have brought that file to their hands.
Demonstrators were besieged by armed forces. Some of them were saying insulting swear-words to the demonstrators. They attacked and screamed at the demonstrators.
Sahar Maher, a demonstrator, who was photographing one of the military officer while he was attacking demonstrators.
She was arrested, her mobile phone was confiscated. She was officially interrogated before the military prosecution.
Demonstrators kept on demonstrating and didn't want to leave without the ones who were arrested during the demonstration.
In order for the demonstration to be forced to end, 2 civilians (possibly militarists wearing civilian clothes) tried to start a fight with them, and demonstrators were told if they were to fight, the demonstration is going to be ended by force and they are going to be arrested.
That also reminds me of one female who was sent to ruin a previous demonstrations for Maikel at the Press Syndicate. We knew later that she is of the ones who (are likely paid to fake) demonstrations in support for the ousted ex-president, Mubarak. It was noticeable at then, that she was chanting pro-militarist rule and pro-military council slogans, such as “none of you is a man who served in the army, long-live the Field Marshal, you are agents”.
After Sahar was allowed to leave that day, she said that she was charged with 2 charges: photographing military factions (while she was photographing the attacking military officer) and crowding in a military area (while she was obviously with others). She was the only one to be charged with crowding and photographing military factions.
Sahar was commanded by the military prosecution to appear on October the 11th for the session that was made for her. This is the same date that Maikel's appeal was adjourned for the vague reason of missing the file.
The best a military court can judge with, is suspended imprisonment and it is possible that she would receive a prison sentence!
Maikel's brother is often intimidated by officers working in the prison where Maikel is held and he was also threatened by a military officer before during a demonstration at the Ministry of Defense, that if he didn't stop talking to media, they would harm him and his brother.
Background on Maikel's health condition:
He escalated the strike into also a thirst strike for 7 days, but stopped it after having fainted and been injured, he got a renal colic. The prison hospital isn't a hospital it has nothing but 4 beds, 2 measuring equipment for blood pressure and blood sugar, nothing more. Maikel was told that he won't receive an intravenous solution except if he was in a coma and almost dead.
Maikel is not even allowed to be transferred to a hospital, not even on the total expenses of his own family!

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